Notes on Feynman's Lectures

Richard Feynman Nobel laurate photo, from Wikipedia, The Nobel FoundationRichard Feynman is often called the "Great Explainer", because he excelled at explaining complex physical problems to students and laymen. I find it very interisting to watch Richard Feynman's legendary BBC lectures on the laws of physics (Presented on Project TUVA) and jot down some notes. In a nutshell:

In print: [Feynman2011]. I like to relate them to literature on presentation design, e.g., Made to Stick [Heath2007] and  the SUCCESs paradigm (cf. Notes on Made to Stick).

Structure of the Lecture

Single Theme for the Lecture

Structured in Coherent Phases

Strong Finish

Elements of Feynman's Lectures

Structure the Argument in Distinct Points



Presentation Style




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